Groupe Multilave | Deck and Pool area
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Deck and Pool area

Deck Pressure wash cleaning and pool area

Deck Pressure wash cleaning

Your deck should be just as clean as the rest of your home

After a few years normal weathering can really beat up your deck causing it to erode and look dreary

Many people wait years to do anything about their outdoor decks until it is too late.

We know that upkeeping may cost a little up front but it will keep you from having to spend a lot more in the future, when you have to rebuild or repair your deck

We can bring your old deck to life with our services Or build a new deck for you

  • Wood Cleaning

We pressure wash the area to remove stains, kill bacteria buildup, remove mold, algae and mildew.

  • Wood Staining

We only use high quality Stains, It is hands down the best product to effectively protect your wood, There are many colors to choose from


Pressure wash clean pool and pool area

Pool area should be cleaned and disinfected regularly to prevent the spread of disease as well as the slipperiness that results from the growth of bacteria.

We clean all types of surface







Our company is very careful about what chemicals we use on your deck or on your pool area where people go about barefoot or in flip-flops. We only use cleaning products that are safe and environmentally friendly. Our technicians use the amount of pressure and the products that provide safe and effective power washing.