Groupe Multilave | Driveway / Walkway
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Driveway / Walkway

Pressure wash cleaning driveway/walkway

Pressure wash cleaning Driveway/ Walkway



We offer the best most professional and affordable pressure wash cleaning, We use the highest quality products and equipment available on the market today. The products we use are green and environmentally-friendly


Regular maintenance and power washing of your walkways, and driveways can prevent decay and add years to their lifespan


Driveways and walkways that are covered in mold, mildew or other growth can become very slippery and hazardous when wet.

Keeping them clean also means keeping the people who walk on them safe.

A clean and fresh-looking driveway or safe and vibrant walkways around your home will also add curb value if you are in the market to sell. If you are not in the market to sell, then it just adds peace of mind and makes you feel better about your home.