Groupe Multilave | Exterior of house
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Exterior of house

Residential pressure wash Exterior of House

Residential pressure wash Exterior of House

It is highly recommended to clean the exterior of your house each Year to remove Dirt, mildew, grime, mold calcium and algae that develops over time and leave your residence, sidewalks, driveway, uni stones, brick, cement stairs, pool area, patios and decks unsightly. With regular pressure washing it will immensely increase the longevity of your Residence.


Our fully skilled professionals and fully insured team come prepared with the very best in expert equipment and products to tackle any of your pressure washing requirements

We also have a mobile power washer that allows us to clean places our truck can’t get to.

We clean

Brick and Uni stones

Walkway and Patio

Deck and Driveway

Stone and Granite

Vinyl and Aluminium

Soffites, Ciment and Pool