Groupe Multilave | Indoor/ outdoor Garage and Parking lot Cleaning
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Indoor/ outdoor Garage and Parking lot Cleaning

Indoor/ outdoor Garage and Parking lot Cleaning


Keeping parking area clean is one of the most important maintenance tasks for businesses, as it gives the first impression.


Underground parking accumulates a lot of dust and dirt and during winter accumulates salt sand calcium, and debris that will cause premature deterioration of your parking are


We recommend that your underground parking garage be professionally swept and pressure washed regularly


Using our environmentally friendly products, we will make sure to remove all the dirt and debris collected over time on your parking lots. From oil spills, rubber marks, salt residue, calcium to bird droppings and gum removal, our professional pressure washing team will take care of your underground or above ground parking area image.

We wash are the following

Indoor / Underground Parking Lots

Outdoor Parking Areas

Warehouse and Storage Facilities

Shopping Mall and Commercial Parking Areas

Schools, Universities, Colleges Parking Lots

Municipal Parking Lots

Condominiums and Apartment Building Parking Areas

While cleaning your garage we will also clean and unblock your drains.