Groupe Multilave | Stairs / Pave Uni
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Stairs / Pave Uni

Pressure wash cleaning Stairs/ Pave Uni

Pressure wash cleaning Stairs/ Pave Uni


Have your stones shifted over time? Has your driveway sunken?

We offer the best most professional and affordable pressure wash cleaning,
Regular maintenance and power washing of your stairs and Uni stones (Pave Uni) can prevent decay and add years to their lifespan
We pressure wash clean the surface of the pave uni and in between the joints and cracks removing all dirt, weeds, grease, stains and old sand. We clean all the way down to the bottom of the stone to ensure that all of the old sand has been removed


Will lift up all the existing pavers and stack them off to the side while we adjust the appropriate height by adding new materials. We then level and compact the new materials to ensure a solid base for the stone pavers. Next we carefully relay all pavers in the existing pattern, we then apply new sand into the clean joints


Once job is completed your pavers will be rejuvenated and look new and fresh.