Groupe Multilave | Extérieur de la maison
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Extérieur de la maison

Your deck should be just as clean as the rest of your home



Your deck should be just as clean as the rest of your home


After a few years normal weathering can really beat up your deck causing it to erode and look dreary Many people wait years to do anything about their outdoor decks until it is too late.


We know that upkeeping may cost a little up front but it will keep you from having to spend a lot more in the future, when you have to rebuild or repair your deck.


We can bring your old deck to life with our services Or build a new deck for you

  • Wood Cleaning

    • We pressure wash the area to remove stains, kill bacteria buildup, remove mold, algae, and mildew.

  • Wood Staining

    • We only use a high quality stains. It is hands down the best product to effectively protect your wood. There are many colors to choose from

  • Wood Sealing

    • If you choose not to apply a stain, we recommend applying a sealer to protect your wood by repelling water, avoiding staining and stopping deep algae and mold growth.